Smart Conservation Sensor

All of the things conservators care about in a single device, at a price point that makes sense. Start taking better care of your collection today.

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Finally something designed just for you

Conservation professionals no longer have to settle for solutions built for other industries. Meet the Conserv Smart Conservation sensor, a 100% conservation-focused sensor solution.

Wireless Without WiFi

There's a reason why you're not using wireless sensors today. It's because WiFi isn't a good option. Learn about what we're doing to deliver wireless without WiFi using LoRaWAN.

Conservation-Focused Measurement

Conservators care about more than just temperature and relative humidity. At Conserv we go further, measuring light levels, vibration, and air quality.

No Hassle Re-Calibration

We replace your sensors every 30 months so you don't have to worry about re-calibration. The new sensors you receive include our most up-to-date hardware ensuring that you always have cutting edge devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical specifications of this device?

We're working on a technical specs document right now! Drop us an email at and we'll email you the document as soon as it's done. Also take a peak at our knowledge base for any other questions about the Conserv solution.

Knowledge Base

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The Smart Conservation Sensor launches August 31, 2019. Pre-order our Starter Pack today and get 40% off the list price. Limited time offer!

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