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Product Specs

Software HOBOWare Free Conservation Studio Free eClimateNotebook Free
Hardware HOBO UX100-023 Smart Sensor 01 PEM2


Per Sensor Cost $189 / Sensor $99 / Sensor $350 / Sensor
Other Costs

No Setup Fee.

Replace device every 48 months for $189.

Manual data collection costs $10/sensor/month.

$299 Setup Fee per Location.

Calibration included every 30 months at no additional cost.

Automatic data collection costs $15/sensor/month

No Setup Fee.

Calibrate device every 48 months for $150.

Manual data collection costs $10/sensor/month.

Cost of 10 Sensors for 5 Years $9,780 $8,489 $11,000

Software Features

Software Type On-Prem Cloud Cloud
Mobile App iOS + Android iOS + Android NA
Real-Time Alerts No Email, Text, Push No
Users 1 Unlimited 3
Locations Unlimited Unlimited 1
Historical Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Upload Hobo Any Format PEM + PEM2
Collections Management Integration No Yes No

Hardware Features

Temperature ±0.2°C ±0.1°C ±0.5°C
Relative Humidity ±2.5% ±2.0% ±2.0%
Light Levels No Visible, IR, UV No
Vibration No Yes No
Wireless No Yes, LoRaWAN No
Sustainability Landfill Refurbished Recalibrated
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Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the Conserv solution is free and what do I need to pay for?

Our online conservation software platform is free forever, with unlimited data, unlimited users, and unlimited locations. Our full end-to-end solutions with wireless sensors, monitoring, software, and support is a paid service.

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