“I am excited about Conserv for the following reasons:

1. Current available monitors are very time consuming for my staff to download the data. Data retrieval currently consists of attaching a dock to each monitor and downloading onto a desktop computer. The Conserv solution uses low frequency signals to retrieve our data, which has not been possible with other products.

2. The monitors that we use have not been recyclable and must be discarded every two years. They also do not tell us when they are failing, because they simply quit recording! The Conserv solution fixes both issues.

3. I like that we can customize our units for certain galleries with more stringent requirements, such as monitoring light levels, vibrations and visitor counts, in addition to the standard temperature and RH level monitoring that we require.”

Margaret Burnham

Objects Conservator

"As a collections manager it has been a joy learning about the innovative environmental monitoring solutions being offered by Conserv.

Their all-in approach to monitoring UV, relative humidity, temperature, and vibration – all within a small compact sensor – is amazing and provides remarkably accurate and real-time data.

Their easy to use interface is great for tracking history, for sending alerts, and provides us with a means to be proactive in our conservation approaches."

Jun Ebersole

Collections Manager

"Not only did Conserv create a system around our exact needs, they helped us anticipate the needs we may have in the future.

I personally find the small sensors and mobile interface extremely versatile and beneficial.

Their customer service is spectacular and their continued communication post implementation really sets them apart."

Nick LaCasse

Collections Manager

"I can't say enough about the Conserv data loggers! No more running around with flash drives, and getting those pesky error codes with our old data loggers. I love how I can check them online at anytime.

All the thinking is done for you with preset standards for preservation. The interface is very user friendly. I will be telling other collection managers about this superb product. Great job Conserv!"

Jason Kirby


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