Our Product Launches on July 31, 2019!

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With Austin Senseman, CEO of Conserv

Austin Senseman

Founder, CEO at Conserv

Conserv Smart Conservation Launch

13 Aug.

11:00 AM CST

We recently launched the Smart Conservation platform, a conservation-focused environmental monitoring solution that brings outstanding monitoring capabilities to conservators at a very attractive price.

We had hundreds of conversations with conservators to develop this first solution. Come learn about our journey creating the Smart Conservation platform, see the features we're delivering, and learn about where we're headed.

You'll learn:

  • What to expect from a modern, conservation-focused environmental monitoring platform.
  • How to overcome the manual hassles of data loggers by using a wireless solution that doesn't rely on WiFi.
  • How Conserv plans to compete and win in the environmental monitoring space by listening and learning to the conservation community.
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Austin Senseman

Founder, CEO at Conserv

Conserv exists to bring better preventive care to more of the world's 450,000+ art and cultural collections, through innovative technology.

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Conserv exists to bring better care to more collections through innovative technology.

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